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The Brew in Portugal?
Hi, i´m from Oporto, Portugal. I only got to know The Brew last week, from a German Tv Channel, broadcasting the concert WDR Rockpalast. I was stupified with such a fantastic pure Rock Group, so much power, great tunes, great guitar hero. I became an instant fan of The Brew, really! Absolutely Awesome! Today i registered myself in this site and saw that The Brew were in Vigo, Spain, a week ago! Vigo is just 120 km north from Oporto, it was a pitty i didn´t know about this concert, probably i could have been there! So i beg The Brew to come to Portugal as soon as they can! I´m just willing and frenetic to attend one live performance of these fantastic rock trio! God bless The Brew!
Posted: 26/11/2011 22:32:18
O Presidente
Oporto, Portugal
26/11/2011 22:32:18 Link - Ip: Logged - Quote:
QuickView: The Brew in Portugal? - opresidente 26/11/2011 22:32:18
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