New Date Added

An extra date has been added to the tour due to extra demand so get your tickets now!

10.10. Uhlenspiegel - Rutesheim, Germany

04.10. Klub Na Rampe - Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic
05.10. Pecsa Cafe - Budapest, Hungary
06.10. Muzeum Obchodu - Bratislava, Slovakia
08.10. Schwarzer Adler - Rheinberg, Germany
09.10. Musiktheater Rex - Bensheim, Germany
10.10. Uhlenspiegel - Rutesheim, Germany
11.10. Ducsaal - Freudenburg, Germany
12.10. M?hle Hunziken - Rubigen, Switzerland
14.10. Alte M?lzerei - Regensburg, Germany
15.10. Kufa - Kufstein, Austria
16.10. Zentscheuer - Ravensburg, Germany
17.10. Reithalle - Offenburg, Germany
18.10. Pumpwerk - Wilhelmshaven, Germany
19.10. Sputnikhalle - M?nster, Germany

See you next week!

The Brew

New Single - Trouble Free

Trouble Free, the new single by The Brew UK is out today!

Can be purchased from iTunes here:

Watch in HD and spread the word!

Clip from filming the

Behind the scenes of the "Trouble Free" music video shoot we ask Jase to perform extra jumps which were never going to make the final cut!

Trouble Free will be released on 23.08.13

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